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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Special AGM to propose winding up of MAGPIE: 23 Sep at 7pm

Marchmont Action Group Promoting Initiatives for the Environment (MAGPIE) has been inactive for the last two years, following the sad death of David Stay who played a pivotal role in the organisation.

Although two years ago there was reluctance to wind up MAGPIE, it has proven hard to find volunteers to inject new life.  Both Marchmont & Sciennes and Merchiston Community Councils also campaign for community matters and hold similar values to MAGPIE.

A special meeting of MAGPIE member is therefore proposed to close down MAGPIE. This will be held on Th 23 Sep 2010 at the Meadows Croquet club at 7pm. If you wish to attend, or are unable and wish to support/ object to the winding up of MAGPIE please contact the Convenor of the group at

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