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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Leader's Report - May 2008

Edinburgh City Council Leader's report can be accessed by clicking on link below.
Councillor Jenny Dawe
Leader – The City of Edinburgh Council

Leaders Report

Tram Fact Sheet May 2008

The construction programme that
will see trams running on the streets
of Edinburgh by 2011 has been
announced. The programme will
see infrastructure works start from
May 2008 until January 2011 and it is
anticipated that a full revenue service
will be in place by July 2011.
The contract also includes an extension of the hours of working
for contractors to 7am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday) in response
to the wishes of Edinburgh’s business community and to further
minimise the impact of the project.
During the ongoing construction period the project will continue
to plan diversions carefully in close collaboration with the City of
Edinburgh Council, Lothian Buses, Lothian and Borders Police and
the emergency services in order to ensure minimum disruption.
As the next phase of the project progresses, rails will start to be
laid and tram stops will be built, and the people of Edinburgh will
be able to see exactly where trams will run on our streets.
The Edinburgh Tram project brings together world renowned
organisations including Bilfinger Berger Siemens (BBS), CAF,
Carillion, SDS and Transdev and together with tie these
organisations will deliver a world class tram system for
Edinburgh, its citizens and visitors.
“Now that the construction programme
has been announced, we are at the cusp
of delivering what we have promised –
a world class public transport system
in our Capital.
We have struck the correct balance between price,
programme, quality of the finished product and certainty
of cost in agreeing this construction programme.
The utility diversion work continues to progress to
programme and to budget. Clearance of utility sites
has commenced in Leith Walk and this will continue
throughout the route in preparation for the infrastructure
work to begin this year.
The start of the infrastructure work in May 2008 will
see the nature of the construction change with rails being
installed from August 2008. I’m certain that the people of
Edinburgh will look forward to seeing the physical attributes
of the tram develop before them.
Throughout construction, tie will continue to work closely
with its business and community partners and contractors
to ensure that the city remains open for business while
tram work takes place. This is an exciting time and brings
us another step closer to a fully-integrated public transport
network befitting a capital city.”
May 2008 Fact Sheet
Tram construction programme announced
as scheme moves to next phase
Building the infrastructure
The tram infrastructure work will start
in May 2008 and between mid-May and
end of June 2008 this work includes:
• Excavation for piling at Russell
Road Bridge
• Site clearance in Russell Road / Roseburn
Street for retaining walls and demolition
of existing buildings
• Demolition of Caledonian Ale House
• Set-up for accommodation works at
Murrayfield Stadium
• Commencement of excavation for
Haymarket Viaduct
• Preloading of embankment at site
of Gogarburn Bridge
• Completion of removal of gas main
and water main at Depot site
• Gyle Stop retaining wall
Key Programme Dates
for Line 1a
December 2008
MUDFA programme complete
January 2009
Princes Street closure to traffic
until July 2009
Work starts on Haymarket Junction
Track laying throughout route
January 2010
Work starts on Picardy Place junction
Spring 2010
Gogar Depot completed
Winter 2010
Commence testing and commissioning
of tram vehicles
July 2011
Full revenue service running
Tram vehicles
A new tram film was released
earlier this year showing the
trams at several locations along
the route. The common branding
with Lothian Buses will reflect
Edinburgh’s integrated transport
network, providing joint ticketing
and information. You can view
the film on the homepage of telephone: 0131 623 8726
Edinburgh’s businesses will remain open and accessible and welcome your continued patronage.
Willie Gallagher,
tie Executive Chairman
Bankhead Ocean Terminal
May 2008 Fact Sheet telephone: 0131 623 8726
Who’s who?
Construction Consortium (Infraco) –
Bilfinger Berger Siemens
• Responsible for civil engineering including
earthworks, structures and roads plus
laying the tracks, building tram stops
and the overhead line equipment
• Also assuming responsibility for SDS
and Tramco through contract novation
• Due to be completed 2011
Tram Manufacturer (Tramco) - CAF
• Responsible for supplying 27 trams,
maintenance equipment and structural
warranty for up to 30 years
• Contract to be novated to Infraco contract
• First trams to be tested 2010
Utility Diversions (MUDFA) -
• Now Carillion after take over of Alfred
McAlpine in 2008
• Responsible for all utility diversions
along the route including water, gas
and telecoms in preparation for the
infrastructure works
• To be completed December 2008
Detailed Design - SDS (System
Design Services)
• Contract awarded to Parsons Brinkerhoff
and Halcrow
• Responsible for detailed design of the
tram route and consultation
• To be novated to the Infraco contract
• Due to be completed 2008
Tram Operator -
Transdev Edinburgh Tram
• Responsible for technical advice through
the procurement and delivery phases, plus
operating resources to assist with testing
and commissioning
• Transdev to operate the system from
2004 for 15 years
In May and June major utility
diversion works (MUDFA)
will be commencing/ongoing
in the following areas:
• Gogar Depot
• The Gyle
• Shandwick Place
• Princes Street
• St Andrew Square
• South St David Street
• Leith Walk
• Constitution Street
• Ocean Drive & Ocean Terminal
• Edinburgh Park Station to
Forrester High School
• Haymarket Station to Roseburn
• Montgomery Street to London
Road Roundabout
In addition to the above,
the following works will
start in July – August 2008:
• Manor Place to Haymarket
• Gayfield Square
• Lindsay Road to Newhaven
Tram Information
Small Business
Support Scheme
(Updated figures at the start of May 2008)
During the construction for Edinburgh’s 21st century tram network, we would like to thank you all
for your support and patience in helping to build a new and modern transport system.
Learn more /
Share your thoughts
Speak to the uniformed tram
construction advisers who will
be at every work site
Customer Helpline:
0131 623 8726
Ongoing work
18 Tram Information Boards have
been installed in the city centre at
the following locations:
2 on Constitution Street
8 on Leith Walk
4 on Princes Street
2 on St Andrew Square
2 on Shandwick Place
What are the benefits
of trams?
It will improve your quality of life
• Faster journey times
• Less congestion = less pollution & noise
• One part of a better integrated
transport system
• Comfortable and accessible
• Safer – inspector plus driver
• Looks great
• Comfortable, different experience
from the past
It’s good for Edinburgh
• Better transport is essential to the
growth of the city and attracting new
• House prices along tram routes can
• 1,000 permanent new jobs and 1,000
construction jobs
• Trams will attract more visitors to the
City Centre
• Connects Waterfront, Edinburgh Park
etc with the City Centre
• Link to airport will benefit tourism
and businesses
• Trams are environmentally friendly
Constitution Street, March 08
For more information on the Small Business Support
Scheme please contact the tram helpline on 0131 623 8726
Edinburgh’s businesses will remain open and
accessible and welcome your continued patronage.
Applications delivered 430
Applications received 210
Applications accepted 197
Applications rejected 8
Applications requested further info 5
Cheques delivered 187
Amount paid £684,000
Constitution Street, March 08
Shandwick Place, March 08

Friday, 9 May 2008

Agenda Wednesday 14th April 2008

The next meeting of the Community Council will be held
On WEDNESDAY 14 MAY 2008 at 7.30pm in
St Catherine’s Argyle Church Community Hall, Grange Road

All who live or work or are active in the area are welcome.
Hearing loop available.

1. Sederunt and Apologies.
2. Minutes of Meeting held 9 April 2008.
3. Matters Arising.
4. Police Report.
5. HMO Discussion (attended by Margo MacDonald MSP).
6. Consultation of Draft for Community Council
Scheme and Code of Conduct. .
7. Shopping Bags - Marchmont & Sciennes Business Association.
8. Report from Neighbourhood Partnership
9. Report of South Edinburgh Public Partnership
Forum (Health).
10. A.O.C.B.
11. Next meeting and A.G.M. Wednesday 11 June 2008.