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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Review of paediatric inpatient services in Lothian

A review of Lothian Paediatric Inpatient Services by the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health was recently conducted.  

This expert review has concluded that inpatient children’s services should be retained on two sites in Lothian - St John’s Hospital (SJH) and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (RHSC).

NHS Lothian board members will meet next week (Wednesday) to agree how the recommendations will be translated into actions within the service to ensure a safe, effective and sustainable service for the children of Lothian.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Agenda for MSCC meeting (including AGM) on We 22 June 2016 at 7:30pm

Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council will hold both its Annual General Meeting, and its monthly regular meeting on We 22 June 2016. 

The meeting will take place in our usual venue of St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls on Beaufort Road/ Grange Road. The meeting will start at 7:30pm.

This will be our ninth meeting of 15/16.  The next meeting after this one will be We 28 September 2016. 
All who live or work in the area are most welcome to attend 

 1                  Sederunt and apologies
 2                     Draft Minutes of last meeting, 25 May 2016, and matters arising (not otherwise on Agenda)
·     Pedestrian route on Beaufort Road
·     Xmas lights
·     Public toilets
·     Pothole patching
·     Marchmont & Sciennes Trader’s Funds

 3                  Police Report

 4                  Meadows & Bruntsfield Links:
·     Update from Mike Shields
·     Arrangements to replace MABLAG
·     Naming of paths
·     Floodlights at tennis courts

Items for AGM

A1            Approve Note of last year's AGM  
A2            Matters arising from the AGM minutes
A3            Annual Report - chair  (Brian Gilmore) - written report to be tabled 
A4             Annual Report  - Secretary  (Alastair Philp) 
A5              Annual Report and presentation of audited accounts - Treasurer (Alison Service) 
A6              Co-option of members 
A7             Demit of Office - bearers and temporary re-election (until autumn CC election) of Office- bearers 
A8            Date of next AGM 
A9              Ordinary meeting dates for 2016-17 
A10              AOCB 

Items for discussion
5                  Planning applications
                  - Tree removed from Marchmont Road Garden
            -  Planning Concordat revision
6            Planters at foot of Marchmont Road

For info:
7                  Treasurer's report
8                  Meetings attended
                  - South Central Neighbourhood Partnership
                  - Meadows Festival

9                  AOCB
10                  Date of next meeting: 28 September 2016

Chance to comment: Major events in Edinburgh parks

The City of Edinburgh Council’s (CEC) aim is to provide a programmed approach to hosting major events in public parks, so as a trial in 2015 a competitive tender was published for a large event to be held in The Meadows during the Edinburgh Festival.  

Following this initiative, for 2017 CEC is proposing to re-tender The Meadows along with other events for up to three successive years.

What are the benefits?
  • Event applications can be scored on the quality (both physical and cultural) of the event
  • The market rate of rental can be achieved for each venue
  • A more transparent and fairer process for all potential suppliers
  • It offers suppliers of events the security of longer term leasing arrangements

The Council would like to hear feedback (by 29 June 2016) on these proposals from local stakeholders including community groups, local residents, businesses and park users. 

Where appropriate, this feedback will be used to shape future plans and specifications for these events.  It is proposed that from 2017 the following spaces be subject to a competitive tender process:
  • Inverleith Park - A Family Friendly Cultural Event (for example, a Food/Beer/Wine Festival) – 8 days in August (inclusive of set up and breakdown)
  • The Meadows – A Family Friendly Fringe Event/Venue August 2017 - 23 days plus set up/breakdown time
  • West Princes Street Gardens - The Red Blaise Events Area, Family Friendly Fringe Event/Venue 2017 – 1 month (inclusive of set up and breakdown)
  • West Princes Street Gardens - A Family Friendly Cultural Event (for example, a Food/Beer/Wine Festival) – 10 days in October (inclusive of set up and breakdown)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

South Central Neighbourhood Partnership meets in public next Monday evening

The next meeting of the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership is on Monday, 13 June, at 6.00 pm in the Business Centre, City Chambers.

These meetings are held in public and local people are encouraged to attend.

Matters to be discussed include: 

  • Parks Events Tender Consultation
  • Meadows & Bruntsfield Links Advisory Group (MABLAG)
  • South Centra£ Decides – Report by Neighbourhood Manager
  • Community Council Support
  • Community Grants Fund Applications
You can view and/or download the papers from the Neighbourhood Partnership website.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Edinburgh 20mph Speed Limits – first signs and lines going down

Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland implementing a citywide 20mph network. The new limit aims to reduce the risk and severity of road collisions, encourage travel on foot and by bike and help make the city’s streets more people-friendly.

The phased roll out of the 20mph network is planned over 18 months between June 2016 and February 2018. The city centre and rural west Edinburgh form the first phase, with the installation of signs and lines commencing at the beginning of June.  Work is scheduled to take 8 – 10 weeks, with minimal disruption expected. The new speed limit for this phase becomes effective on 31 July 2016. 

Approximately 50% of Edinburgh’s residential streets are already in 20mph zones. The project extends the 20mph speed limit to the city centre, main shopping streets and residential areas while retaining a strategic network of roads at 30mph and 40mph. View a map of the 20mph network and implementation timetable at

Large 20mph signs will define the entrance and exit of a 20mph area where the speed limit changes, followed by smaller repeater signs or road markings with speed limit roundels. Quick drying paint, with a traffic cone system will be used to install roundels at night.

Police Scotland support lower speeds across the city and are working with the Council to achieve this. Other partners including NHS Lothian, Lothian Buses, Living Streets, Spokes and Neighbourhood Partnerships are working with the Council to deliver the strategy. A high level of publicity and awareness raising is scheduled around the time when the schools return in August and in September 2016.

Myplace Edinburgh: add a photograph of a favourite Edinburgh place & say what makes it special

City of Edinburgh Libraries and the planning and transport service are running a competition Myplace: Edinburgh, as part of Edinburgh’s contribution to activities for Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.

Between 1 June – 10 July 2016 participants are encouraged to add a photograph of their favourite Edinburgh place to Edinburgh Collected  and say what makes it special to them.