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Friday, 30 July 2010

South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting - 9 August 10 at 7pm

The South Central Neighbourhood Partnership will meet in public on Monday 10 May 2010 at 7pm (till 9pm) in the Business Centre, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh.  

Topics to be discussed include: BBQs on the Meadows/ Bruntsfield Links, Local Community Plan, Grants, and Street Drinking & Begging.

For more information please contact: 
Donald Burgess
The MSCC rep on the neighbourhood partnership is 
Alastair Philp
Papers will shortly be are now available:

  • Go to Council Papers online
  • Click on "go to committee search"
  • Pick "South Central Neighbourhood Partnership" as committee name and "9 August 2010" as date.
  • click "search"
updated: 20:58 on Mo 2 Aug 2010

Civil Enforcement of Bus Lane Contraventions

The City of Edinburgh Council have written to the secretary of the Community Council to inform us that they propose to promote a new traffic regulation order. This will allow contraventions of bus lanes to be enforced by the City Council using cameras rather than relying on the police.  

Formal objections are not yet invited: statutory consultation will follow. 

However any immediate comments are welcomed, by 20 August, to

Monday, 26 July 2010

New design process for new James Gillespie's High School

As the City of Edinburgh Council News Blog relates, the council is taking an innovative new curriculum-led approach to designing two schools in the city.

James Gillespie’s and Portobello High Schools will be developed with the input of a ‘pedagogic designer’ to help ensure that designs are based around the principles of Curriculum for Excellence - the first time the approach has been used in Scotland.

A fuller article is also available at the Times Educational Supplement website.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Do you need to contact a private landlord?

Contact details are available on the all-Scotland public register of private landlords.  

If the relevant flat is not covered please e-mail the City of Edinburgh Council Landlord Registration Team.  

More information on the public register and how it is managed for Edinburgh is available at the City of Edinburgh Council website.

Are you a private landlord?

As a recently received communication from City of Edinburgh Council reminds us, private landlords must be on a public register of landlords if they wish to avoid paying a penalty fee of up to £5 000. 

Registration must be renewed every three years. 

More information is available from the landlord registration pages on the City Council website.