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Thursday, 25 April 2019

MSCC Minutes for March 2019

Minutes of Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council

Meeting of Wed 27th March 2019 at St Catherine’s Argyle Church Halls, Beaufort Road

Present:  Brian Gilmore (Chair), Alison Service (Treasurer), Sophia Coyne (Minute Secretary), Shane Voss (MSCC), Mike Shields (MSCC), PC Johnny Wong, Nigel Ayton (Grange Assoc) and Susie Agnew (MSCC). 

Apologies Anthony Holmes (Thirlestane Lane Assoc), Ian Murray (MP), Douglas Rogers, Fiona Denvir and Anne Laing (MSCC). 

Minutes from February’s meeting have been circulated, approved by Alison and seconded by Shane. 

Matters arising: 

Shane reported he had sent Cllr. Watt a copy of the lost proposal to move the dustbin in Morningside.

Police report: 

PC Johnny Wong:  Recent crime statistics from 2nd of April 2018 through to January 2019 were discussed.  It was reported that house break-ins were down.  Car theft has increased.  Instances of drug possession remained the same.  

There were knife point robberies on Sciennes Road sometime last week.  The two perpetrators have been caught, but further details are not available.

Thefts between January to present have been primarily concentrated in the Meadows/Middle Meadow Walk.  There have been two assaults over a two month period, which is not as high as expected. One of the assaults occurred in early evening.  During the Easter holidays and throughout April, there will be more police presence in Middle Meadow Walk to protect visiting youths.

The 20 mph initiative was discussed. He was asked how the Road safety day of 5th Tuesday had turned out but he had not heard anything

Additionally, CI Dave Robertson was announced as the new chief inspector.

Meadows & Bruntsfield Links:

Upcoming Events through to June. 

Meadows event 31st of March, Hindu Society Colour Festival is planned.  The Hindu Society will provide clean-up afterwards.

13th of April – small bike event including testing bicycles, laps around proper cycle path in two small areas of Meadow Walk. 

13th of April – BASQUE community event promoting language and culture

10th of May – Gung Ho, big inflatables on the Meadows. 

Student Collection point – Leamington Walk – initiative for students that are moving out of their flats for the end of the year to return electronic items and  furniture for recycling and thus to reduce waste.  

26th of May – Fun fair 

1st and 2nd of June – Meadows Festival – precise areas are uncertain yet as there is a licensing issue about spaces and prices.  

Other Updates include funding from events used to regrass and fence off desire lines and for play equipment - details included in the FOMBL report.

Cllrs report:  


Election of Secretary (repeat) 


Royal Hospital for Sick Children:  

Although not present at the meeting, Douglas Rogers sent an email message for discussion. 

ACTION - Brian to follow-up on current status of the three planning applications for the development of the site. 

Cameron Rose’s newsletter indicated that a Community Hall was proposed for the site. 

There is space available in the hospital for somebody to take it on.  

Although not present at the meeting Fiona Denvir sent an email regarding the hospital.  The application to Sustrans will reportedly be submitted on Monday. There has not been any correspondence with Holder Planning. 

A traffic monitoring strip has appeared outside of the school.  leads us to believe they have started the traffic management plan. 

Astley Ainslie Hospital Redevelopment:

The Astley Ainslie Community Trust has started consultation.  Last Saturday, the 23rd of March, they held the Ideas Event at the Eric Liddell Centre.  Over 300 people were present at the event and there were talks held throughout the day.  A positive atmosphere was generated.   They are marshalling the ideas and mood of the community with respect to development.  

A feedback session is scheduled for this coming Sunday between 2pm and 4pm.   The ideas and themes generated at the event and expressed in the feedback would be used as a deliverable to say what the community wants.  

The Scottish government has given them a grant for the current consultation but they will need to apply for further funding to deliver the ideas.  

The Grange Association has been aware of a few trees that were felled without permission of the council    and has notified the Council of the breach of the Tree Preservation Order that covers the site.

Review of Community Councils Scheme:

Nothing new. 

Planning matters:  

Planning applications – there have not been any new applications.

However, there have been decisions that have come through including:  

A third application to build a new dwelling at 42 Grange Road that has again been refused.  

An application at 48A Lauder Road for a 6.5 by 4 metre parking space in the front garden  that has been refused.  

Treasurer’s report: 
The Treasurer’s Report has been circulated. 

At the end of March, there is £779.43.  There remains one small check still to go out. 

Allison will not be present in the next meeting.  

There will not be a Treasurer’s report next month because of the audit being done for the May AGM.

Last year the MSCC had to make certain financial cuts including memberships to the Cockburn Association (£40) and the Meadows Festival association (£20).  it was agreed to recommence those memberships for 2019.

Meetings attended: Friends of the Meadows & Bruntsfield Links (FOMBL). Alison had circulated a report round listing the projects that were being done using the £21,000 allocation of funds from ring-fenced from events revenues.

AOCB: No items

Date of next meeting 
24th April 2019.

The meeting closed at 20:11. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Draft Agenda for Wed 24th April

Marchmont & Sciennes
Community Council

Meeting on Wed 24th April 2019 at 7:30pm
St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls, Beaufort Road


 1             Sederunt and apologies
 2            Draft Minutes of last meeting, 27th March 2019, and matters arising (not otherwise on Agenda)
 3             Police Report
 4             Meadows & Bruntsfield Links
 5             City Councillor report on topical local issues
 6             Election of Secretary (repeat)
Items for discussion
 7             Royal Hospital for Sick Children Redevelopment
                                Planning Application – Further developments?
 8             Astley Ainslie Hospital Redevelopment: update
 9             Planning (Applications & consultations)
·         Any others

Items for information
10           Treasurer's report
11           Meetings attended
Any Others
12           AOCB
13           Date of next meeting (and AGM): 22nd May 2019

All who live or work locally are welcome to attend.
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