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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Agenda for MSCC meeting (including AGM) on We 22 June 2016 at 7:30pm

Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council will hold both its Annual General Meeting, and its monthly regular meeting on We 22 June 2016. 

The meeting will take place in our usual venue of St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls on Beaufort Road/ Grange Road. The meeting will start at 7:30pm.

This will be our ninth meeting of 15/16.  The next meeting after this one will be We 28 September 2016. 
All who live or work in the area are most welcome to attend 

 1                  Sederunt and apologies
 2                     Draft Minutes of last meeting, 25 May 2016, and matters arising (not otherwise on Agenda)
·     Pedestrian route on Beaufort Road
·     Xmas lights
·     Public toilets
·     Pothole patching
·     Marchmont & Sciennes Trader’s Funds

 3                  Police Report

 4                  Meadows & Bruntsfield Links:
·     Update from Mike Shields
·     Arrangements to replace MABLAG
·     Naming of paths
·     Floodlights at tennis courts

Items for AGM

A1            Approve Note of last year's AGM  
A2            Matters arising from the AGM minutes
A3            Annual Report - chair  (Brian Gilmore) - written report to be tabled 
A4             Annual Report  - Secretary  (Alastair Philp) 
A5              Annual Report and presentation of audited accounts - Treasurer (Alison Service) 
A6              Co-option of members 
A7             Demit of Office - bearers and temporary re-election (until autumn CC election) of Office- bearers 
A8            Date of next AGM 
A9              Ordinary meeting dates for 2016-17 
A10              AOCB 

Items for discussion
5                  Planning applications
                  - Tree removed from Marchmont Road Garden
            -  Planning Concordat revision
6            Planters at foot of Marchmont Road

For info:
7                  Treasurer's report
8                  Meetings attended
                  - South Central Neighbourhood Partnership
                  - Meadows Festival

9                  AOCB
10                  Date of next meeting: 28 September 2016

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