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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Update: Events on the Meadows

A paper summarising the current position with events on the Meadows was circulated at yesterday's meeting of the South-central Neighbourhood Partnership Short-life Working Group on the Meadows. John Simon and Alastair Philp attended the meeting on behalf of MSCC.
This topic will be a main focus of the Neighbourhood Partnership event on 11 May and a paper will be submitted to the Edinburgh City Council's Policy & Strategy Committee for approval on 12 May 2009.  The paper for the 12 May meeting ought to be available next week on council papers on-line and a link will be posted on this blog.
Please note that although some big events have been approved to occupy sites on the Meadows, they may also require licenses (to which some objections have already been submitted).


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John Simon has provided:

1] some research on the promoters of the Ladyboys and Urban Circus -

2] His personal comments on the paper tabled at the short-life working group -