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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Alfie (the tortoise) is missing. Have you seen him?

Update, 3 July: Alfie has been found!

Alfie is a little tortoise. He is about 15 cm [6 ins] in diameter. He has gone from a garden at Palmerston Road.

He has been known to climb walls or he could even have walked out of the gate. He tends to dig in slightly, or hide in the bushes, so that only the top of his shell is visible. He also tends to dig in when he can go no further ie. against a wall or fence.

Can you watch out for him striding along or if he has dug in while you are weeding?

Please return him to: The Agnews, 6 Palmerston Road, EH9 1TN; 0131 667 4970 or 07739639126.

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