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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Update: Events on the Meadows - manifesto to be speeded up

As previously reported, the City of Edinburgh Policy and Strategy committee discussed a paper on events in parks in Edinburgh on Tu 12 May.  

They apparently spent two hours of a four hour meeting discussing the Meadows, including possible responses to a motion passed the previous evening at the South-Central Neighbourhood Partnership. The motion expressed concern about the failure to produce a policy on use of the Meadows, proposed that no long-term, large-scale events [not defined] should be allowed, and suggested that commercial events should not over-ride "the priority of sustaining a high quality environment". [MSCC abstained since views at the previous MSCC meeting had been divided on this issue.]

The committee has requested that production of a Manifesto for Edinburgh parks be accelerated and a draft brought to the next meeting of the Policy and Strategy Committee on 9 June.  

Since contracts for several events this year (including the Lady Boys and Urban Circus) have already been signed these will go ahead.

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