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Monday, 18 June 2007

Local People Leading updates

Just a note to keep you updated about Local People Leading progress.

We have introduced a new page on the Local People Leading website called
\"Hot Topics\" that will provide more of a focus in terms of a response to
current issues in the changing political landscape.

On the Hot Topics page we will be publishing viewpoints from some of LPL\'s
key stakeholders. We have started the ball rolling with a topical article
from Laurence Demarco from Senscot (

And here it is. Hot Topics

I would also like to thank all the organisations and individuals that have
registered their support for LPL in recent weeks. Numbers of supporters are
continuing to grow (in particular organisations)

Some supporting organisations have placed the LPL logo (with a link through
to the LPL website) on the front page of their website.
For example, DTA Scotland

This is helping us to attract traffic to the LPL website. If your
organisation would consider following suit it would be very useful in
spreading the word about Local People Leading.
Please let me know if you would like to do this and I will send you the LPL

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Best Regards

Di Jennings
Campaign Co-ordinator
Local People Leading Campaign

Phone: 01312202456
Mobile: 07933389307

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