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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

EACC Minutes

Minutes of last year's EACC Annual General Meeting. (Sorry about the formatting, but it's a bit too tedious to change :-( )

Minutes of Edinburgh Association of Community Councils (EACC)) Annual General Meeting, held on Saturday 27 October 2006 in the City Chambers

NOTE: In the absence of a secretary Linda Hendry (Southside CC) took the Minutes.


Norman Bonney (Chair), Louise M? (Fairmilehead), George Rosie (Leith Harbour and Newhaven) Linda Hendry (Southside), Mary Donoghue (Hutchison Chesser), David Rintoul (Tollcross) John Simon (Tollcross), Chris Richardson (New Town and Broughton), M V Park (Murrayfield), George Lightheart (Firrhill), Marion Gunn (Royston Wardieburn), Bridget Stevens (Merchiston), Patricia Eason (Cramond), Stan Eadie (Leith Central), Jo Scott (Southside), Ann Wigglesworth (Tollcross), Janny Mackenzie (Leith Harbour and Newhaven), George Gordon (Rosyton Wardieburn), Fred Marinello (Royston Wardieburn), Jimmy Brown (Queensferry), Tom Martin (Quuensferry), David Pickering (Drylaw Telford), George Taylor (West Pilton & West Granton), A Bennet (West Pilton & West Granton), David Salton (Corstorphine), Donald MacDonald (Royston Wardieburn), Catherine MacDonald (West Pilton West Granton), Frances and Lana Kelly (West Pilton West Granton), Valerie O’ Rourke (Craigmillar).


Stewart Fowlie

Minutes of 2005 Annual General Meeting

The Chair apologised that Minutes had not been circulated due to the notes having been mislaid and the lack of a secretary. No-one present at the meeting could recall anything contentious at the 2005 AGM. The Executive had met regularly over the year.

Matters Arising:

A secretary will be appointed. Community councils liaison officer Eileen Hewitt has been of great assistance but it is not her role to take our minutes. The Edinburgh Partnership is providing £400 to support secretarial renumeration.

Chair’s Report:

The Executive met at least four times on Thursday’s to plan and keep in touch with member CCs. There was a Spring meeting about neighbourhood partnerships and the Chair represents EACC on the Edinburgh Partnership. The Edinburgh Partnership has agreed to pay the affiliation fees of community councils so that all Edinburgh CCs are EACC members now.

CCs have been in existence for 25 years now and should be approached for opinions on local issues. 400 CC members were elected in May thus reinvigorating CCs – Aberdeen, half our size, has 200 CC members.

The EACC has taken no role over the Craigmillar CC issue but we may in future have to take a position on restricting indirectly elected CC member groups wholly funded by the local authority. The city council currently has this matter under legal review.

The Executive welcomes suggestions as to the frequency of meetings, etc, and thanked the city council for their help. The local elections next May with multi-member wards may mean that no party has a majority. CCs have shown that it is possible to work together across party lines. There is an interesting year ahead and the Chair concluded by thanking CC members for attending in such numbers – there are now 36 active CCs in Edinburgh.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Finance Report was circulated (see below). He also explained that £110 of subscriptions had been refunded to CCs. The grant for subscriptions was for a third of that year. The largest cost for the EACC was for holding meetings other than in the City Chambers. The 2005 balance was £838.79 and accounts were audited by Joe W Henderson CS. There is presently £1200 in bank.

EACC Abstract of Accounts

1 April 2005 – 31 March 2006

Income Expenditure

Balance B/Forward 561.92 EACC meeting expenses 26.80

Speaker 25.00

CEC grant 166.40 Royal Overseas League 147.00

EACC Exec members’ expenses 60.32

Subscriptions 110.00 Minute Fee 20.00

Auditor 25.00

Bank Interest 000.47 Postage 05.00

Refunds 110.00

Bank Balance, 31.03.06 419.67

838.79 838.79

Books audited, vouchers checked and all Accounts found to be in order.

Joe W Henderson C.S. (Auditor)

26 April 2006

Proposed Amendment to Constitution:

The following amendment to Clause 6A of the Constitution was put to the meeting.

The Executive of the Association shall be comprised of one representative from each of the existing or proposed local community planning partnership areas of the city. These individuals should be selected at the Annual Meeting by the community councillors from the relevant areas in attendance at the meeting (or who have otherwise indicated in writing to the Secretary their desire to be a representative’.

After discussion, the amendment to Clause 6A was passed unanimously. This change will take effect at 2007 AGM.

Election of Office Bearers

  • Chairperson:

Norman Bonney: proposed by Mary Donoghue, seconder George Grozier (Rosie?). No other nominations – Norman Bonney re-elected. He would like someone else to take over next year.

  • Vice-Chair:

David Salton: proposed Jimmy Brown, seconded Patricia Easson. No other nominations – David Salton re-elected.

  • Secretary:

Dave Pickering: proposed Jimmy Brown, seconded George Taylor. No other nominations – Dave Pickering elected.

  • Treasurer:

Jimmy Brown: proposed by Tom Martin, seconded Dave Pickering. No other nominations – Jimmy Brown re-elected.

  • Press Officer:

Dave Pickering proposed by Jimmy Brown and seconded George Taylor. No other nominees – Dave Pickering re-elected.

Executive Members:

Up to two people from each of the Scottish Parliament constituencies to serve on the EACC Executive. Following nominations and an election process the following individuals were selected:

Central: Ann Wigglesworth

West: Patricia Eason and Tom Martin

North & Leith: Marion Gunn and Stan Eadie

Pentlands: George Lightheart

South: Bridget Stevens and Charles Bell

East: Valerie O’Rourke

Any Other Competent Business

  • The Annual General Meeting should be held in June.

  • Meetings need to be in a central location on bus routes. The Augustine Bristo Church or a Community Association could offer cheap or free venues if the City Chambers is not available.

  • The Executive should meet every two months

  • East CCs should be circulated asking for a second Executive member.

Date of Next Meeting:

The date of the next Executive meeting will be Thursday 9 November.

Future proposed dates are 1 February 2007, 21 June 2007 and 16 August 2007 (to be agreed at next Exec meeting).

The 2007 Annual General Meeting will be held in June.


EACC Secretary

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