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Monday, 12 March 2007

James Gillespie's Primary School - Edinburgh 20mph Zone Extension

I received this about extending the 20mph zone. Sadly the photocopying destroyed the colours when whoever it was copied this so the key is not very helpful. Anyway, I think it adds the Thirlestane Road chunk to the zone.

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Unknown said...

This comment refers to English practice but it should form useful evidence for the case-
The British Government have promised to publish on 29th March, new guidelines called 'Manual for Streets' that will recommend that 20mph should be the speed of traffic in **all** residential areas across the country.
The statement is on this government site : Click on 'Movement' which is section 7, then use Search for section 7.9.2.
No distinction is made between planned and existing streets but it is thought unlikely that a distinction could be made. It is inconceivable that humps and other 'traffic calming measures' would be applied to all residential roads over the whole country and it is expected that compliance will be obtained by public education as was the case when seat belts were introduced.

I have a BBC ActionNetwork website campaigning for 20mph zones and it has some useful detail, it is at

Local campaigns across the country should use this evidence when putting their case.

James Wishart, MICE Northampton