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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Community Council Elections

The time for the Community Council elections for the next 4 years is now upon us.

This is a self-nomination process and the timescale for returning a nomination form opened on the 9th September and closes at 4pm on Monday the 30th September.

The process itself is a very easy one, the nomination form can be found on the Council website under 'Community Councils' but I have provided a direct link to Marchont & Sciennes here:

Basically you require two people to back you, a proposer and a seconder, and all 3 of you must live within the MSCC area.

The completed form can be scanned and returned to Councillor Rose who is our returning officer or the paper version can be returned to Councillor Rose at the Council.

I will bring spare copies to the normal meeting of MSCC on the 25th September.

We are allowed to have 14 members and an election would be held if the were more nominations than that but this has never happened in our history!

I really would encourage you to consider nominating yourself, the process is very easy and I would really expect you to find being a Community Councillor a rewarding and sometime challenging experience.

Brian Gilmore

(current chair of MSCC)

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