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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Your chance to comment on the Local Transport Strategy

After consideration of comments on the 'Issues for Review', a full Local Transport Strategy has now been drafted, and has been approved by the Transport and Environment Committee to be circulated for comment. 

A copy of the Committee report can be found online.

Key new initiatives include:
  • moving forward with improvements to the City Centre;
  • a major extension of 20mph speed limit areas;
  • developing proposals to extend parking controls on Sundays;
  • piloting an approach to close streets in the immediate neighbourhood around schools for short periods at school start and finish times;
  • consulting on options to reduce air pollution from traffic; and
  • developing a new travel planning service to work with Edinburgh's employers.
Please send your comments on the Local Transport Strategy to Lynda Haughney by mid October. It would be helpful if correspondents could specify which Chapter or Policy their comments refer to.

Comments will be considered, and then the final version of the document will be submitted to the Transport and Environment Committee early in 2014.

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