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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Report from the Scottish Government Short-life Working Group on Community Councils

In December 2011, the Scottish Government established a short-life working group to consider and recommend how best to build the resilience, capacity and capability of Community Councils in the future.

The final report and recommendations, include consideration of internal operations; Community Councils’ engagement and relationships with local authorities; the wider public sector; the general public; and the communities that they strive to represent.

The Group agreed that in the spirit of partnership working and in recognition of the key role local authorities play in supporting Community Councils, its report should be presented to both the Scottish Government and COSLA to consider collectively and ultimately decide which recommendations should be taken forward. The Group also agreed that consideration of its recommendations would benefit from wider discussion and engagement with a range of stakeholders with an interest in the sector which will inform and support the future policy development of Scotland's Community Councils .

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