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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

City of Edinburgh Council: New Petitions Committee

Members of the public and local businesses are being given a voice to influence Council decisions in the city by way of the new Petitions Committee.  The Petitions process went live on Monday 8 October 2012, and they are now accepting petitions.  Taking part in or creating a petition is one way that individuals, community groups and organisations can get involved in what the Council does. It allows people to raise issues of public concern and gives Councillors the opportunity to consider the need for change. 

There are a range of agreed criteria for a petition to satisfy prior to confirmation of validity and consideration by the committee.   Matters that can not be considered include those currently being considered by a committee,  matters in a work programme or those that relate to a council or committee decision that has been made in the previous six months.  

Petitions can be submitted online on a Petitions webpage

Paper petitions can also be used and forms can be downloaded from their webpage or collected from Council offices or local libraries.  Please direct any enquiries to

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