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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Putting good fruit to use: Abundance Edinburgh

Abundance Edinburgh is a group of people interested in putting to good use fruit that would otherwise go to waste and organise associated events around this.They harvest fruit from gardens, do some foraging and have also picked apples at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital's orchard. Some of the fruit is given away (for example, last year some went to the Grassmarket Project) and some is used to promote seasonal and local food (for example preserving workshops and a public apple pressing event). They have some equipment including several apple presses (thanks to the City of Edinburgh Council).

They're looking to spread the word about their activities both to get more people who are interested in picking fruit and using it but also to reach out to people with fruit trees that aren't able to harvest them themselves or who have too much fruit than they know what to do with. For more information why not get in touch with Valla Moodie or subscribe to their announcements or discussion groups.

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