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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Agenda for next Community Council meeting - Wed 28 Sep 2011

amended 26 Aug: no meeting in August

The next meeting of the Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council will be held on Wed 28 Sep 2011 at 7:30pm in St Catherine’s Argyle Church Halls.

Please note that from now on meetings will be the fourth Wednesday of the month (no meeting in December, July or August).


1 Sederunt and welcome

2 Apologies

3 Minutes of last meeting

4 Matters Arising from the minutes not listed elsewhere in the Agenda
  • Autumn Speakers
  • Change in meeting dates
  • Civic Forum, canal path
  • New Council Portal

5 Police Report

6 Treasurer’s report
  • Financial situation
  • Spending plans for next year
  • Meetings and secretariat
  • Environment
  • Donations

7 Subgroups
  • Planning (Melanie Main)
  • Gillespies’ plans and progress
  • Roads and traffic (Susie Agnew)
  • Retail parking changes
  • 20 MPH changes
  • Disabled parking
  • HMOs (Anne Laird)
  • Update on legislation and progress

8 External Groups (Alastair Philp)
  • Neighbourhood Partnership
  • ‘The Big Drink debate’ - Alcohol use special meeting 

9 Garden Competition (Tina Cumming)

10 Christmas Tree Lighting

11 Jawbone (Cllr Rose)

12 Correspondence received

13 CC membership
  • Licensing responsibility

14 Walkable Communities


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