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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Work proceeds to close off Meadow Place

Work proceeds to close off Meadow Place and realign the cycle path running across the triangle bounded by Marchmont Road, Melville Drive and Meadow Place.

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Burdieblogger said...

When are the council going to admit their mistake and take away the bollards at Meadow Place so that traffic can flow again?
If you are coming down Marchmont Road, wanting to turn right, it's almost impossible. With the pedestrian crossing so near, it only takes a couple of cars stopped, then nobody else can move there, even if the cars already on Melville Drive will let you in. Then the lights are green again, and you're stuck. Mind you, if you're down there early, and there are no pedestrians, then you're stuck for ages.
Before, (for many many years) Meadow Place served as a right filter, disturbing neither pedestrians or Melville Road traffic. This made good traffic flow sense. Now it's a mess. I wonder if those responsible have been to see their handiwork?
Can we mount a protest about this ridiculous situation?