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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Short biosketch of Alastair


My name is Alastair Philp. I have been a Community Councillor in Marchmont and Sciennes since 2002, and am now the community council's rep on the Edinburgh South-Central Neighbourhood Partnership Board.

By day I am a Programme Principal at NHS National Services Scotland. That means I lead a team who assist government and health professionals to access and interpret health statistics. We also help develop new ways of getting doctors, nurses, other care professionals and managers to communicate. All this supports more joined-up care for patients in the NHS across Scotland. My main responsibility at present is Genetics.

I was born at the Simpson pavilion (recently demolished) of the old Royal Infirmary in 1970. I grew up in Marchmont and lived here until I left town in 1988 to go to University in Cambridge. After three years there, five more in Dundee as a graduate student, and three in California as a research fellow (molecular genetics and cell biology/ cancer research) I returned to Edinburgh in 2000. After a short stint working for a think tank/ consultancy I joined the NHS in 2001.

I am now back living in the flat I grew up in, which I bought from my father just before he died in 2005. I am married with two small children who enjoy visiting the swings at the links as much as I did more than 30 years ago!

If you have anything you wish raised at the Neighbourhood Partnership please contact me at alastair dot philp at gmail dot com.

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