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Monday, 1 October 2007

Improving Representation

There was a meeting tonight at my house to discuss how we might improve the CC's representation (as discussed at the last council meeting). Here are some very brief minutes - nothing like as detailed as the ones that Rebecca produces.

Fiona Scott, Hugh Leather, Ken Dougall, Sarah Sandow

We briefly looked the following documents:
  • National Standards for Community Engagement
  • Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics Guide
  • Scottish Index of Multiple privation
  • Area Profile (Ward 10 & Ward 15)
We decided what the goals of our group should be:
  • Get more people attending meetings
  • Improve the number of people who know about the CC
  • Get more information about the CC out
  • Come closer the age demographic in representation
  • Maintain our match the the area's ethnic composition
  • Identify groups, minority or otherwise, and try to get them involved
  • Try to match household composition
  • Improve geographical coverage
  • Improve CC reputation
There were some questions about whether the number of members of the council is fixed. Assuming it is then the above means improving numbers of attendees and interested people.

We will create a questionnaire for members and people on the mailing list. This will help us to identify our existing representation.

We will create a questionnaire for the general public. We need to know who knows about us and what they think.

We had recommendations for general advertising to be applied before attempting a targeted approach:
  • Appoint a press officer to ensure exposure in newspapers
  • Get the posters redesigned and more widely distributed
Action Items:
All: Devise questions for the questionnaires (send to Hugh)
All: Find designers who might cheaply redesign our posters

Next Meeting:
20:00 30th October at Hugh's

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