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Sunday, 12 August 2007


Sheena Ireland brings up an issue about Seagulls invading Marchmont:

I am concerned to know what measures are being taken to discourage seagulls from finding the roofs of Marchmont & Sciennes comfortable places to live. There has been a marked increase in the presence of these pests in recent years & the incipient roosting needs to be nipped in the bud before it becomes a major problem; unchecked, it will.

Time was seagulls were only on the Links occasionally & in small numbers. As they are now nesting on the roofs of Marchmont, this is clearly going to get worse & action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. We live near the sea in Hove & there are nests on quite a few roofs nearby (I make sure they don’t think my roof is a safe place to be!). The mess isn’t much fun and the noise is unbelievable: they yell at any time of the day or night, and the babies whine, a lot, for months. Adults with babies can be downright dangerous; unsecured rubbish is scattered (possibly not too much of an issue in Marchmont with the lidded bins); and they are not averse to snatching food from people’s hands, which can be very frightening.


Unknown said...

Hi Sheena.

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments: they are a noisy, dirty and aggressive nuisance. Unfortunately we have a neighbour who insists on dumping bags of stale bread etc. in the communal back garden thereby encouraging exactly the sort of flying vermin we do not want, viz, pigeons and seagulls. (We have politely asked her to desist on several occasions to no discernible effect!)
We have contacted the council four times over the last few years to be told that there's nothing they can do - quelle surprise - but perhaps if we get together as a community and ask for a solution they will have to get their collective finger out.

Tina Cumming.

Unknown said...

Please also see Fordyce Maxwell's article on this subject in yesterday's Scotland on Sunday.