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Friday, 3 August 2007

Meadows Blog

I received this from Tom Findlay:

Hello Councillors,

I'm tryin' to put together some interesting new media tools and technologies,
in answer I suppose to many of the electronic recommendations
in the recent Edinburgh University CC study...

Below is an advert lookin' for community volunteers to help build the meadows blog,
It might work, as three quarters of the meadows population will probably be wired
and many will use the internet on a regular basis...

The Meadows Blog - - needs a few talented and creative volunteers to work on developing the various community projects...

If u have an interest in any of the projects and volunteer posts listed below, then come and join in, or find out more about this community experiment by emailing expressing your particular interest.

Meadows Blog Volunteer Posts

Digital & Video Photographers

Web & Multimedia Technicians, Graphic Designers, Illustrators & Cartoonists

Audio & Video Producers, Directors, & Presenters
(for Internet TV & Radio productions)

Writers & Researchers

Poet in Residence (3 months)

Writer in Residence (6 months)

Meadow Bloggers

Meadows Blog Projects

Web Production Project
The Meadows Blog needs a small team of creative volunteers who can work on the networks, standards and protocols, and other technical issues involved with interactive websites, multimedia broadercasting, and streaming audio and video on demand. It also requires talented graphics people, and cool illustrators who can contribute to developing the overall shape and feel of a high quality community vortal...

Photography Project
The Meadows Blog needs a digital photographer to undertake a study of the Meadows and the Meadows Community. This study when completed, will be exhibited in the Meadows Digital Photographic Gallery.

The Meadows Blog also needs an Official Photographer...

Meadows Wikipedia Project
The Meadows Blog needs writers and researchers to work on the development of a village multimedia social and historical archive and resource. Some basic content has already been uploaded from various sources, but if u take a look at it here wikipedia u can see there are, as yet, no images, prints, photographs, illustrations, paintings, or any audio, or film so far. So lots of digging to do...

Meadow Bloggers
This is an exciting opportunity for writers or budding writers, and also for local community representatives, busy-body commentators, and even comedians to rant and rave, or articulate and unfold, their take on the Meadows and everything else... It wud be great if we cud find a good variety of engaging blogger scribes... If u can send an email u pass the technology requirement test...

TV & Radio Projects
Internet TV and Radio has arrived... two basic projects...
To make short programmes themed around the Meadows and its community.
To produce a regular monthly news broadcast about the Meadows.

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