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Friday, 26 February 2021

January 2020 Minutes


Marchmont & Sciennes

Community Council




Minutes of Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council

Meeting of Wed 27th January 2021, 7.30pm by Jitsi Meet.


Present:  Brian Gilmore (Chair, MSCC), Elinor O’Donovan (Minute Secretary), Nigel Ayton (Grange Association), Cllr Neil Ross, Cllr Cameron Rose, Alison Service (MSCC), Shane Voss (MSCC), Anne Laing (MSCC), Susie Agnew (MSCC), Tony Holmes (Thirlestane Lane Association)


Apologies:  None.  


Matters Arising: 


The minutes of November 2020’s meeting have been circulated and approved by Susie, seconded by Nigel.


Brian drafted a response from MSCC regarding the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route.


Police Report:  Has been circulated.

Discussion on the number of cars stopped by police reported over Christmas.


Meadows and Bruntsfield Links: None.


FOMBL Report: Alison will attend the next FOMBL meeting on Monday 30th January and will report back at the next MSCC meeting.



City Councillor Report on topical local issues:


Grit bins: Cllr Ross has largely been dealing with requests for grit bins and notes that the Council is doing their best to handle these requests as and when they come in order to be prepared for spells of bad weather.

Anne mentions that many paths have not been salted and are hazardous to walk on. Cllr Rose agrees that there is an issue with icy paths, but comments that North Meadow Walk and Middle Meadow Walk are being well-salted. Nigel mentions that on the Council website you can see which areas are priority for being salted, and you can request a grit bin at any location, and request that existing bins be refilled.


Spaces for People: The Transport and Environment Committee is meeting tomorrow and will review Spaces for People measures including, among other things, the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route. Cllr Ross reports that the timetable suggests that the Quiet Route will be implemented in the next few days.


Cllr Rose mentions that one proposal for a cycle route along Melville Drive appears to have been dropped (possibly permanently, though it remains on the list) as there are other alternative cycle routes available in that area.


Shane mentions that there is a need for a cycle route by the Meadows Croquet Club at the bottom of the Bruntsfield Links.


There is a discussion about the Spaces for People measures introduced on Morningside Road. Susie believes that it is unclear which areas are designated to pedestrians and which are to cyclists, and that there is potential for accidents to occur if cyclists and pedestrians are sharing the same path. Cllr Ross mentions that the measures on Morningside Road were reviewed on 17th December and will continue with no changes, stipulating that the Council are open to feedback from residents about the measures.


Cllr Rose mentions that The Spaces for People measures are funded by the Scottish Government, on three conditions: that they are temporary measures, to aid social distancing, and to encourage active travel.


Attacks on Meadows: Cllr Rose reports that there have been several attacks on women in the Meadows recently. There is a video linked in the Police Report:,area%20close%20to%20Melville%20Drive,

 and it is suggested that everyone watches the video as police are currently trying to identify the person concerned.


Council Budget: Cllr Rose reports that the budget process is compressed this year but will be delivered by the 18th February.

There is a discussion about the renovation of the Warrender Park Baths. Cllr Ross mentions that with all Council buildings there is a property maintenance strategy. Every building which is considered Category C and D were put in the renovation program so that they can continue to function as Council buildings. The money for this was budgeted three years ago and is still there to fund the renovation.



Sick Kids Hospital Site


Cllr Rose: The NHS have been given a date of 22nd February at the latest for the move. Anne says they apparently have to be out by 23rd March, which gives them a month to move.


Astley Ainslie.


No updates.


Stakeholder Engagement Request




Planning applications


A few planning applications to the Grange Association have gone through, with details available on the Grange Association website. There are no major new developments.



Treasurer’s report


Monthly report and look-ahead have been circulated. The bank balance is currently £1282.28, with a couple of cheques from Christmas remaining to be presented. Internet banking is now up and running.



Forward plan


Virtually the same as last month, with added Christmas Tree Event costs.

Our total expenditure to March 2021 is £350.



Meetings attended.








Date of next meeting:  Wednesday 24th February at 7.30 – using Jitsi Meet.


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