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Thursday, 27 September 2018

MSCC Agenda

The was the Agenda for the September meeting of MSCC (which is now passed)

Marchmont & Sciennes
Community Council

Meeting on Wed 26 September 2018 at 7:30pm
St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls, Beaufort Road


 1             Sederunt and apologies
 2            Draft Minutes of last meeting, 27 June 2018, and matters arising (not otherwise on Agenda)
 3             Police Report
 4             Meadows & Bruntsfield Links
 5             City Councillor report on topical local issues
 6             Election of Secretary (repeat)
Items for discussion
 7             Royal Hospital for Sick Children Redevelopment
                                Planning Application – any developments?
 8             Astley Ainslie Hospital Redevelopment: update
 9             Planning (Applications & consultations)
·         Any others
10           Localities and the Neighbourhood Partnership position – any changes?

Items for information
11           Treasurer's report
12           Meetings attended
                                SE Localities Meeting – 24 September
Any Others
13           AOCB
                                Xmas tree ceremony, suggestions for a special guest is needed
14           Date of next meeting: 24 October 2018

All who live or work locally are welcome to attend.
MSCC is online at:

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