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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

SESplan consultation: Jobs, Homes and Investment: Where, Why and How?

The impact population, household and economic growth will have on our countryside, infrastructure and communities is explored in the SESplan Main Issues Report (or more simply in the Easy Read Guide).  

With the second largest population growth in Scotland predicted by 2037 (220,000 more people and 25% more homes) there will be significant implications for wherever this new development is accommodated in the South East Scotland region. 

SESplan launched the public consultation on the Main Issues Report on the 21 July 2015.  

The consultation aims to get as many people as possible interested in the future of the region and commenting on the issues.  The Main Issues Report asks key questions, the answers to which will shape the way our region looks, feels and functions for decades to come. The Main Issues Report represents your chance to influence the second strategic plan for the region.

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