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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Agenda for Community Council Meeting - 7:30pm on We 27 Mar

Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council will meet on: 

27 Mar 2013 at 7.30 PM 

at St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls, Beaufort Road

Note: This meeting will be chaired by ANNE LAIRD


1Sederunt and apologies: Alastair Philp, Sarah Sandow

3 Matters arising from the minutes, not otherwise listed, including
            Further developments at James Gillespie’s Schools (complaints and staff absence) - (updated report available by emailing )
            Meeting between Alastair Philp, Tully Treslove, John Beatty, Melanie Jackson and    Paul Godzik.  Powerpoint slides from Lindsay Glasgow
            My Place Awards. HMO report.

4 Unfinished business from 27th February
            Capital Roads Programme .  Meeting on April 11th.  Alastair will represent the Community Council.  Anne Laird will attend on behalf of the Environment and Town Centre Group
            Argyle Place, to note completion of works
            Ladyboys of Bangkok and the Meadows  (Cllr Main to report)

5 Police Report

6 Treasurer’s Report (Alison Service)

8 MABLAG meeting 25th March  (Alison Service)

9  Royal Mail Sorting Office. 
            Jim Eadie MSP has circulated residents of EH9 for their views on the proposed removal to Old Dalkeith Road.  Views have been universally negative, and he has indicated his opposition to Royal Mail.

10 Planning News  (Alison Service)
            LDP, discussed in Council on 19th March.  Comments required by May

11 TIE and the removal of Gulls’ nests. 

12  Roseneath Street (from Sarah Sandow)

13 Appointment of Returning Officer for CC Elections 2013.


15 DONM April 24th 2013

1 comment:

Alastair said...

According to my postman, the sorting office in Old Dalkeith Road isn't big enough to accommodate the Strathearn Road staff so they're now considering moving us to the Slateford office.

Which is nigh on useless if you have to collect a parcel and don't have a car.