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Friday, 8 February 2013

Public meeting on 27 Feb about pressure to increase James Gillespie's Primary intake

The main item at the next Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council on 27 Feb will be a Public Meeting (starting at 8pm) about plans concerning James Gillespie's Primary School to cope with rising school rolls in South Edinburgh.  This Public Meeting (held jointly with the Primary School Council) will follow the regular business at the standard Community Council meeting which will start as normal at 7:30pm

The meeting will take place at: St Catherine of Argyle Church 61 - 63 Grange Road. EH9 1TY.

Text of the flyer circulated to primary school pupils reads as follows:

City of Edinburgh Council believe that by asking JGPS to keep the temporary portakabin classrooms, which they had previously agreed to remove, they have found a solution for the rising school roll in the area.  This 'temporary' solution of squeezing more pupils into James Gillespie's could affect our children's education and welfare. Parents are becoming concerned that decisions may be made without transparency or consultation.

What could this mean for our children?
  • Loss of General Purpose rooms - drama room, music room, ICT suite (vital resources in a small open plan school) to make room for more classes.
  • Less space in shared areas of school - lunch hall, playground, cloakrooms, toilets.
  • Less access to shared teachers and resources - music resources, Physical Education provision, after school clubs.
  • Negative impact on the experience our children have at school - the school is already utilising every inch of space in the school to ensure the needs of every child are met.

Come to the meeting!  Have your say, ask questions, get some answers!  

The City Council and local councillors have been invited so we can have an open discussion and demonstrate that we are prepared to safeguard our children's education and welfare. 

For more information contact: or talk to any member of the Parent Council.

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