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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Draft Natural Heritage Strategy for Planning in Edinburgh

A draft Natural Heritage Strategy for Planning in Edinburgh has been prepared and was approved by the Planning Committee of the City of Edinburgh Council on 8 December 2011 as a draft for consultation. 

They're now seeking your comments to further develop and finalise it. Edinburgh’s distinctive natural environment forms part of the fabric of the city and its successive phases of urban development. Including coastal habitat of international significance, designed landscapes of national importance, to locally valued trees and woodlands; the natural environment forms a unique asset to be protected and enhanced. 

The document re-affirms the Council’s commitment to the conservation and enhancement of Edinburgh’s natural environment by explaining how it addresses national planning policy and environmental legislation. It outlines how the Council aims to protect and enhance the natural environment, through the preparation of development plans, when considering planning applications and as part of the local biodiversity action plan. 

This document complements the Council’s Built Heritage Strategy, together representing an environment of exceptional quality. Please send any comments by the end of January 2012.

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