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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Agenda for meeting of MSCC on We 26 Oct at 7:30pm at St Catherine's Argyle

The Marchmont and Sciennes Community Council will hold their October meeting on We 26 Oct at 7:30pm at St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls on Grange Road

All are most welcome to attend


1 Sederunt and welcome: apologies

2 ALISON JOHNSTONE MSP. Alison has written to say she will speak on her new role
and responsibilities and will ‘cover some of the areas I expect to focus on during the
years ahead including resource use, transport, land reform, food and education’.
This part of the meeting is expected to take one hour.

3 Minutes of the last meeting

4 Matters arising from the minutes not elsewhere listed
     Use of the Meadows
     Support for tree planting
     Astley Ainsley site
     Meeting with NHS Lothian
     FOI request re HMO provision
     Christmas Tree Lighting
     Quality Bike Corridor
     Membership of MSCC

[Treasurer's report for October and corrected for September]

5 Start time of meetings

6 Preparations for winter weather (CEC document refers)

7 Public Inqury re Trams; letter from Kezia Dugdale MSP

8 Reports
     Roads and Traffic

9 Neighbourhood partnership meeting
     Combination of environmental forums

10 Training and support for Community Councillors

11 Date of next meeting: 23rd November 2011

Items 2-11 are mainly for information; and it is hoped that the meeting can conclude at
9.00 PM

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