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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Meeting on local buses

On Wed 9 March at 7:30 the Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council are hosting a meeting on "Your local buses in Marchmont & Sciennes".  Bill Campbell, Operations Director of Lothian Buses, will explain the rationale behind your local bus services and outline future plans and developments. 

There will be a chance to discuss your experiences and expectations, to ask questions and air your opinions.  

The meeting will be held, as usual for monthly Community Council meetings, in St Catherine's Argyle Church Halls on Grange Road.

A hearing loop is available if you contact 07775 665499 beforehand.  All residents and those who work in the area will be most welcome!

(Photo is copyright Stuart Montgomery and is used without permission because I do not know how to contact him.  I hope he agrees its use is appropriate by a not-for-profit local representative group for a meeting about local buses. If not I will remove it on request)

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