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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Edinburgh Association of Community Councils: minutes and Common Ground meeting

Draft minutes for the Edinburgh Association of Community Councils (EACC) Executive held on Thursday 13th January are now available and will shortly be posted on a new EACC website currently being developed, which can be found at   

In November, the Association of Scottish Community Councils (ASCC) announced that a Common Ground Meeting is to be held at the Renfield Centre in Glasgow on Saturday 26th March, from 1.30pm to 5pm.  Further details of this meeting can be found on the ASCC website.  Registration for attendance at the meeting is announced as being possible during the month of January.   The Association notes that this meeting will provide CCllrs with a forum to discuss the concerns and complaints that they were unable to express during the last Annual Conference. 

A small-group decision by post-holders and another committee member subsequent to our Executive meeting on Thursday is that, in the light of the Common Ground meeting to be held in March, any EACC invitation should be delayed for reconsideration after that Glasgow meeting. EACC welcome your comments and/or observations. 

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