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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Survey on residential bike storage

(c) Flickruser cirrus29.rm 2008
Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign, is currently running a project on tackling residential bike storage. They have been awarded a grant from the Climate Challenge Fund to develop information and guidance materials for use by individuals, stairs, developers, councils and others who are looking for the best way to accommodate bikes for every-day use. They hope this will be a starting point to stimulating actual practical storage improvements, to reduce stair problems and to help people to use bikes for their routine local journeys. 

Last month, Spokes ran a short online survey which generated some very useful responses on this subject, but most of the respondents were existing cyclists. They are now very keen to hear from NON-cyclists / very infrequent cyclists, particularly if you are annoyed by parked bikes and/or if you would consider cycling, or cycling a bit more, if it was easier to do so.

Please complete their short online questionnaire (just 9 questions, and the chance to win a set of Spokes maps to help get you cycling more). For any problems, queries or follow-up comments, please email

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