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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Regeneration of tenement common gardens in Marchmont

Contributed article by Fiona Savage

The buildings in Marchmont are almost exclusively four-storey early Victorian  tenement buildings and are mainly pink sandstone in a Scottish baronial style. Behind these building lies a substantial piece of land which can be up to 5 acres in size. This land is divided up into common gardens. This term common gardens is often misunderstood.  These gardens are only common to those who own them!

Some ground and basement properties that have their own private garden do not necessarily have access to the common garden owned by the stair. Again title deeds need to be checked.

There is an increasing interest in regeneration of gardens. However before embarking on such a project some research and clear consultation needs to be undertaken.

Under the Tenement (Scotland) Act 2004 the maintenance of a tenement garden or back green should be shared by all owners in the block UNLESS it says otherwise in the title deeds.   READ MORE...

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