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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Proposed changes to controlled parking

Amendments have been proposed that affect the Edinburgh Controlled Parking scheme.
Formal objections are not invited at this stage, since a further period will be allowed for the submission of any objections when the proposals are formally advertised.
However comments to before 22 January 2010 will be considered at this stage. Any questions to same address.
The amendments include proposals to:

  • Simplify the structure and wording of Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Orders which regulate waiting and parking etc in the city centre (to bring 1-8 in line with newer zones)
  • Change a proportion of public parking bays and permit parking bays in zones 1 to 8 to shared use parking bays
  • Remove lengths of waiting restrictions in zones 1 to 8 in order to create additional parking spaces
  • Allow Zone 8 residents to buy permits to allow visitors to park
  • Limit the issue of residents’ permits in Zones 1 to 8 to a maximum of two per household
  • Introduce residents’ permits charges that relate to vehicle emissions / engine sizes, with a surcharge for the second permit in a household
  • Allow loading and unloading in permit and shared use bays for a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Allow motorcycles to park free of charge in all shared use parking places and in all public parking places. But reduce incidence of allocated solo m/c parking
  • Introduce an administration charge of 10% (minimum £10) to replace a lost or damaged permit
  • Introduce a £5 administration charge on all 3 or 6 month resident permits
  • Make changes to the issue of Healthcare Workers’ Permits
  • Require vehicles claiming certain exemptions for loading/unloading (eg vehicles engaged in postal deliveries, road works etc) to be liveried
  • Require taxis waiting on stances to be occupied by the driver at all times and to be available for immediate hire.
Plans showing the on-street changes proposed for  Zone 7  &  Zone 8 (zipped files) are available. If anyone has problems with the files the MSCC secretary has electronic copies (large files) which he could e-mail.

Updated (21:50 on Th 7 Jan 2010) to include links to Zone 7 files

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