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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Annual Conference: Association of Scottish Community Councils - Saturday 14th November at the Scottish Parliament

The 2009 ASCC Annual National Conference will be held on Saturday 14th November at the Scottish Parliament from 10am to 4pm. All Community Councillors in Scotland are welcome but priority will be given to member Community Councils. Speakers include:

* Jim McKinnon (Scottish Government Director of the Built Environment and Chief Planner for Scotland) - New planning laws and how they affect Community Councils.
* John Mayhew (Director, Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland) - The rural agenda for Community Councils
* Dr Evelyn Silber (Glasgow CC Empowerment Pilot Project) - The Glasgow Pilot - You can too!
* Henry Shanks (Solicitor, Retired CCllr ) - The legalities of CCs & Of Common Good
* Dr Nicola Welsh (National Development Officer) - Dialogue with Comm Cllrs

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