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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Consultation open on parking standards

The City of Edinburgh Council have published planning standards on parking for consultation (PDF). As a report to the planning committee says:

"Parking Standards are a key tool in managing the transport impacts of developments. They can reduce overspill parking but also have a central role in influencing how people travel to new developments. The Council’s current Parking Standards are now almost ten years old; with this in mind a review has been undertaken to learn from experience and current best practice, and take into account recent Government guidance. The review has identified a number of proposed detailed changes.

The following are considered to be the most significant:
  • Changes to General Housing Standards so that the standards take more account of dwelling size and location
  • Adoption of a tailored approach to residential parking for large developments, taking detailed account of public transport access, local facilities and other relevant factors
  • Presumption against automatic increases in parking at existing out-of-city-centre retail centres
  • Requiring/permitting the provision of temporary parking in areas of major development prior to improvements in infrastructure/public transport services"
Comments are invited by Fr 29 May 09 to Queries to Phil at 0131 469 3803.

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