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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Edinburgh City Council Annual Report

Summary of Main Points

Caring for our most vulnerable
An additional £5.8million per year for vulnerable children
£6.2million per year for care of older people.
Maximising opportunities and learning for our children
£33million to rebuild or refurbish all five schools in the ‘Wave 3’ scheme, with £16million of that allocated over the next three years.
A safe, green, clean and attractive city
An additional £240,000 for street cleaning
£6million for improved waste reduction, reuse and recycling
£45million over three years in flood prevention schemes.
Promoting economic growth
£350,000 for the promotion of Edinburgh.
Continued funding for the Edinburgh/Glasgow collaboration project of over £100,000 in 2008/09.
Capitalising on our festivals and culture and tourism
£542,000 for the Edinburgh International Festival and £800,000 for Winter Festivals.
£6m for refurbishment of the Kings Theatre
£115,000 to allow open museums on Sundays
Promoting Sport and Leisure
£21 million for the Royal Commonwealth Pool and Meadowbank Stadium;
£5 million for refurbishment of Glenogle Baths;
5 million investment in parks, pitches and pavilions;
£3.5million for a new library at Drumbrae
Modern, effective transport arrangements
£60m over three years in roads for roads and pavements
£2.9million over three years for cycling, walking and safer streets
Affordable housing
£3.6million over three years in housing regeneration.
£36million of housing development funding to increase the supply of affordable housing.
Councillor Jenny DaweLeader – The City of Edinburgh Council

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