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Monday, 18 February 2008

Edinburgh City Council useful contacts

The South Edinburgh Local Team responsible for your neighbourhood are:
Neighbourhood Manager: Susan Bruce 0131 529 7662
Susan leads the South Neighbourhood Team, managing the development and delivery of a diverse range of services including Housing, Libraries, Community Safety and Environment Services. She is also responsible for the development of community involvement and planning in the South area through Neighbourhood Partnerships.

Local Housing & Regeneration Manager: Agnes Renton 0131 529 5192
Agnes has responsibility for managing and developing Housing services in the South area. This includes Homelessness Services, Development and Regeneration and the management of Council tenancies.

Property Team
Senior Property Officer: Archie Enwood 0131 529 5103 Rents Team
Senior Housing Officer: Alan Stewart 0131 529 5144
Choice Based Letting Team
Senior Housing Officer: Paul Swan 0131 529 5177

Local Partnership &
Information Manager: Evelyn Kilmurry 0131 529 5129
Evelyn has responsibility for the management and support of community engagement and Neighbourhood Partnership activities in the South area. She also manages the local Library and Information Services and the customer service support for locally managed services.

Partnership Development Officer Donald Burgess 0131 529 5396
Senior Administration Officer: Alan Stewart 0131 529 5155
Senior Library Officer Lynn Spells 0131 529 5663

Local Environment Manager: David Doig 0131 529 5187
David has responsibility for the management and development of Environment Services in the South area. This includes maintaining roads, parks and green spaces.

Community Parks Officer Mike Shields 0131 672 1589
Area Roads Manager John Gill 0131 529 3487
Task Force Manager Rab Farqhhar 0131 664 8330
Task Force Manager Jim Monaghan 0131 664 8330
Task Force Manager Jim Curran 0131 664 8330

Local Community Safety Manager: Kathy Evans 0131 529 5106
Kathy is responsible for managing those services which make South Edinburgh a safer community, including Environmental Wardens, Community Safety Concierge, tackling antisocial behaviour and joint working with the Police.

Community Safety Team
Community Safety Team Senior Officer Vicki Jones 0131 529 5148
Environmental Warden Team Leader Mohamed Demnati 0131 529 5101

Call the Council Contact Centre on 0131 200 2323 for info on Council services.
Call 0131 529 5757 to report stair lighting faults.
Call CLARENCE on 0800 23 23 23 to report road and lighting.
Call 0131 529 7050 to report antisocial behaviour and find out how to help end it.
Call the Rapid Response Team on 0808 100 33 66 about litter and dumping problems on public land.

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