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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Merging the New Zone 8 into Zone S1

As you may know there are some pretty major changes planned to Zones 7 and 8 (Alastair blogged about it below). The report is on available here:
Now, the proposed boundary changes are quite significant, making a long, thin, smaller zone 8 between the Meadows and S1.

I've talked to a (very) few people and consensus seems to be that it would be much better for that new little zone 8 (not the new 8A) to be merged into S1.
Susie Agnew and I made a presentation on your behalf to propose this to the council this morning. The suggestion seemed well received. There will be further consultation about this. But, while there wasn't time to canvas many people before the meeting, it is important to check that our suggestion meets with general approval.

Please, so that we know we are proposing the right thing, leave a comment on the blog stating if you are for or against merging zone 8 into S1.


ajvphilp said...

I can readily see the benefits of this to those in zone 8. However for those in the north extreme of S1 there remains a residual worry that merging might cause more difficulty in parking.

I suppose it would depend what percentage of eligible people are already taking advantage of the temporary arrangements that allow zone 8'ers to park in some s1 streets. If it is already the majority then there shouldn't be a problem if the two zones were merged.

However if only a small percentage are already registered for the temporary scheme the current happy situation of coexistence (plenty spaces for all) might change at the expense of the northern S1ers.

Could we perhaps agree to have a trial whereby (new) zone 8 permits are valid in S1 for a year before there is a permanent merging?

What do folks think?

-- alastair

Hugh Leather said...

Aye up,

Practically everyone with a permit in the new zone 8 is able to park in S1 at the moment.



Richard said...

New Zone 8 into S1 sounds fine but it squeezes the existing corner of Zone 7 that is Gladstone Terrace- Findhorn Place- East Grange Loan etc back into the dark age pre S1 dispensation. The natural boundary is Melville Drive/Causewayside for an expanded S1.Even with shared use bays in the new Zone 7 there are not enough in the right places to service the tenemented streets.
Dick Place and Seton Place will be inundated if they are dragged into Zone 7.
I can see this ending in tears again.

ajvphilp said...
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ajvphilp said...

Hugh (and other esteemed fellow residents), Hi!

I guess the question is not whether those in new 8 can park in S1. I accept that in theory all are temporarily entitled to apply to do so.

Rather the question is how many from new 8 have exercised that right, received the authorising letter and are in fact already parking in S1.

If all from new 8 who could are already regularly parking in s1 then merging zones will not cause problem. However if not all who could are exercising the right we may create problem by merging new 8 and S1. Does that make sense?

best wishes,


PS previous post removed because of spelling mistakes, nothing more sinister!

Hugh Leather said...

Aye up,

This is in reply to Richard.
The maps show some changes to the boundaries of Zone 7. I think they are to fix the grange loan, findhorn place problem. The maps aren't very good, so I've asked for some clearer ones so we can see what's really going on. I'll post them as soon as (if) I get them.



Richard said...

Hi Hugh
Thanks for your reply and initiative in requesting a decent map.
As you say the one on view is not clear.
However, the lines on the Lower East Side have not moved except for the bulge into dick place and seton place.
I hope to be proved wrong.