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Monday, 21 May 2007

Community Voices Network

I received this from John Simon:

I thought that some of the keen community activists like yourself, might be interested in Community Regeneration (at least in principle), and this piece is copied from a weekly e-newsletter I get from SENSCOT (Social Enterprise Network Scotland; see

Not many readers will know about the Community Voices Network (CVN) yet it is Communities Scotland’s main linkage with regeneration activists around the country. An external evaluation has recently concluded what many observers feared – that it is not very effective. From the outset CVN was designed as a ‘managed’ process – without teeth. People are not stupid – they know when something is pretend. If the Executive really wants bottom up policy (which I don’t believe) – local people on individual partnerships need to connect at regional level – and then nationally. The process is essentially bureaucratic and requires a serious secretariat to produce all the bumpf. Scotland’s activists deserve such a mechanism but the only thing that makes this work is for power and control to rest with the voluntary participants – and that’s not what our Executive does. (See for story

You may recall I introduced some literature on C.V.N. to the Community Council around January I think it was (see

I've also received this email (which came with this form):

The Community Voices Network is holding a National Networking event for people involved in the regeneration of their own communities on an unpaid basis.
It will be held in Central Glasgow on Tuesday 19th June (10.30am – 4pm).

This is an opportunity for community–to-community networking. There will be workshops to highlight examples of good practice in community regeneration.

Places are free and there is assistance with travel. Please pass this opportunity on to people busy making a difference in their communities.

To book: fill out the attached booking form and return it by freepost or e-mail
To find out more: call Lucy on 0141 564 7600

Network Administrator
Community Voices Network
the voice of communities in regeneration
phone: 0141 564 7600

fax: 0141 248 3522
post: Freepost SCO 6961 G1 1BR
Reports, back issues of the newsletter, information about the network and other useful links on the Network website

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