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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Please comment on a report of the public engagement meeting on 16 Nov about RHSC redevelopment

update, 3 Jan 2017: MSCC have produced a draft 'summary of collective views')

The report of the public engagement meeting on 16 Nov about RHSC redevelopment is now available  [as Appx 3].

This is a report that contributes to the community views section of a 'pre-application position statement' that’s been prepared by NHS Lothian's planning advisors (GVA) for NHS Lothian. 

We are interested in gathering your responses to the report, whether you were at the meeting or not: we are keen to know what you feel about the development of this site at the heart of our community.

Please add your comments on the report below or e-mail them to  

Comments will be used, along with those already expressed, to shape a set of MSCC views.  These collective MSCC views will be added to the final ‘position statement’, being completed by GVA for NHS Lothian (and available to developers).  The MSCC views will also be sent with the final NHS/GVA 'position statement' to interested developers.  A final draft of the ‘position statement’ is now available.

The 'position statement' also contains details about i] formal planning constraints and ii] heritage considerations (listed buildings, conservation area etc). Developers will be asked to take full account of the facts and findings in the 'position statement' (including community views) when their formal offers to purchase the site are invited.  This will support NHS Lothian's identification of the scheme that represents 'best value' and lead to an agreement to sell by Easter 2017. 

As yet ‘best value’ has not been clearly defined but during the public engagement meeting there was an indication that this might mean something other than simply selling the site at the highest cost.

There is no guarantee that community values in the ‘position statement’ will be binding within a development agreement, but we really want to represent your views on the development of the site. And this is our opportunity to do precisely that: place your views within the development process.

NHS Lothian has confirmed that the closing date for interested developers’ offers will be 9 February 2017. Therefore MSCC have been asked to share a set of views from the community by mid-January.

Once a developer is selected there will be further community engagement. The normal pre-application consultation process will ensue, with a Proposal of Application Notice and at least 3 months, and at least one local event, to engage further with stakeholders.  MSCC will be working to promote as much on-going additional community involvement as possible.

If you'd like to stay informed please join our dedicated mailing list by e-mailing or keep an eye on the MSCC Infoblog or on the MSCC Facebook page, or follow @marchsciennesCC on Twitter.



ajvphilp said...

Please leave your comments here!

KD said...

If the Appendices relating to the Community Engagement exercise represent the final draft that will be submitted to potential developers, I think it will be unfortunate.
There seems to have been no attempt at analysing or ranking responses, they have included every suggestion and the summaries of each section/theme are not helpful (is "Yoga" a frequently listed suggestion for Uses, for example?)

I had understood the MSCC would have an opportunity to comment on the report of the exercise and present their summary as representatives.

ajvphilp said...

Thanks KD for your comment. As I tried to explain in the blog post MSCC will be making a further collective comment on this 'final draft' that we have been sent and we have been told that will be sent to developers too.

ajvphilp said...

(personal comment) Although the position statement makes brief mention of the draft guidance on Developer Contributions and Infrastructure Delivery, it does not note the particular issues for the site. The guidance is available at

In particular there are identified contributions for the site as part of expanded educational provision (1ry & 2ry) in south Edinburgh (Boroughmuir/ James Gillespie's Education Contribution Zone - see pages 15 and 19 of

the draft guidance on Developer Contributions and Infrastructure Delivery also says consideration should be given to provision of primary care medical facilities (including for 'Meadows' see p52)